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Parties can result in a great deal of waste. I know I've made way too much food for kiddie fests in the past, and I've also been guilty of over-buying party supplies. Now I keep a bunch of reusable tabletop items on hand. Check out these reusable supply options before you head to your local super store to buy paper plates and cups.
Kids Konserve Place Servings Party Pack Eco-Friendly Waste Freepack includes 25 each of plates, tumblers and utensils. When you are done, toss the items in the dishwasher and store for your next event ($55)

Preserve Plateware comes in a midnight blue and green. It is unbreakable and BPA free.

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Consider investing in Smaska supplies from Ikea. At these prices, you can afford to stock up for the party at practically the same price as buying disposable items at a party store. I especially like the bowls and spoons at Ikea if you are doing an ice cream party.

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