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The baby's room is no place to scrimp. Make do with hand-me-down clothes, budget friendly decorating ideas and skip the push gift. Just don't go cheap on the crib. Baby will spend more than half the day asleep so make sure this haven is free of harmful chemicals. A great place to start your hunt is Q Collection JR.

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A few months ago I went to the Giggle Store in Soho to check out Q Collection's Luna crib. Since it made the cut at Giggle, I knew it would be bold, modern and gorgeous. But let's go a little deeper shall we? Luna is made in the USA (not China where safety standards can be sub-optimum). They use a locally-sourced birch and then dress it up with a non-toxic water-based finish. They leave out the VOCs and other nasties. Sure it is pricey at $1580, but it is convertible and can last a decade or more so I see it as an investment. And it is so lovingly designed. The cut-out elephant lends itself to a wide range of nursery decor and is timeless.

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Another new item from Q Collection is the Alberto Glider ($1995). I reviewed this piece for Babble.com (read it here) and think it makes a lovely addition to the ultimate green nursery.

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