Little Chickie Wear Green Baby Gear

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Little Chickie baby gear is 100% organic and 100% adorable. Designer Gwen Gardner is a mompreneur based in Newport, RI. She began designing baby clothes in 2004--right when she was pregnant with her daughter Elizabeth.

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Gwen grew up in what today is considered an "Eco-conscious" way. As she tells it, her family "recycled, turned off the lights, planted a garden, walked, and biked where we could, went to local farms to get our fruits and vegetables--so it was only natural that I continue this way of life with my daughter."

Right from the beginning, she wanted to use organic cotton. In 2004, that meant explaining what organic cotton is. As far as the designs...those are based on some antic by Elizabeth or by one of her little friends. She also gets inspired by travel and nature. For each piece of clothing, she creates a mini work of art then the design is then transferred to a onesie, shirt, or hat. This entire process is done piece-by-piece--truly handmade.

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Momtrends loves the Chicks Rock hat for newborn ($14) and who can resist the sassy "I'm going to run with scissors" tee ($24); sizes 3 mos up to 6T.

Momtrends readers can save 30% on their Little Chickie orders. Use promo code Momtrends0409 when checking out on the billing page (Step 2). Expires 5/07/09.

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