Green Parenting Tip: On the Go Ideas

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Being green on the go requires a bit of preparation. But with a bit of prep and planning you can leave those plastic bags and plastic water bottles behind. We all know a modern mom has to be on the move'??soccer practice, doctor'??s appointments, picking up groceries after a full day at the office, etc'??so here are some tips to help you keep up your eco-friendly practices after you leave your house.

Liquid Lessons
According to the clean air council Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. Yikes. That doesn'??t even factor in the juice boxes and Starbucks containers. To save money and the environment, load up your own liquids in reusable containers. I love the Rubbermaid collection, but any refillable bottle will do. When it comes to warm liquids opt for a stainless steel container with a drink opening. Invest in sport bottles for sports practices and fill them up with water before you head to practice.

Bag Lady

Image placeholder title reports that Americans throw away some 100 billion polyethylene plastic bags every year. This is simply unacceptable. If you are like me you'??ve accumulated a slew of canvas tote bags over the years. Place one in the bottom of your stroller and another near the front seat of your car. Position them strategically so you'??re never caught without one. Portable nylon bags, like the ones from Reisenthel, scrunch up into tiny balls. Kids can get into the act too with a handy Green Girl tote.

Just taking these two simples steps to be greener can help you protect the environment for your children.

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