Green Diaper Solutions


I know diapers are a loaded (hee, hee) subject. According to the Washington Post, an average baby runs through 6,700 diapers spread out over 30 months. That's some serious SH**.

There are a few options. First, and least green, is my route. Disposables + early potty training. I got my daughter potty trained by 18 mos. thus, cutting down on the diaper total. In addition, parents can opt for Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Baby Diapers. When disposing of diapers, I also opt for biodegradable bags. Classy Kid offers biodegradable bags ($3.45 for 75).

There is no question cloth diapers are gentler on the environment than disposable. I tried the Happy Heiney's brand as a test and thought they were pretty workable and thoroughly adorable. Here's the deal on Happy Heiny's One Size Cloth Diapers: Add one liner or more (depends on the age of the child and what type of waste you expect to collect). When the liners are soiled, collect them in a pail and then wash in the washing machine. This brand is a size-adjustable and comes in different colors. $18.95 for one cover and liner. Pick from 22 colors! Fleece liners run $8.95 for five at Modern Mommy.

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To learn more about cloth diapers, here are two good resources:

Whatever you decide, try not to judge your neighbors. If you opt for disposables, you can step up to the plate with other environmentally sound choices (maybe opt for a Prius over the gas-hogging Hummer). What do you think?

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