Best Eco-Friendly Dental Care is Wicked Fresh

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Ever walk down the dental aisle at your local drug store and feel confused or overwhelmed? Not anymore....Tom's of Maine, the natural care people, have created a new Wicked Fresh toothpasteand mouthwash that will cleanse your palette.

Most of the "natural" products we've encountered are lacking in that appealing mintiness. Tom's is changing that. Wicked Fresh toothpaste comes in two flavors, cool peppermint (my favorite) and spearmint ice. The taste is twisted with several blends of naturally tasting mint and spice that leaves your mouth intensely fresh. The most refreshing aspect? Not a hint of alcohol taste. The mouthwash is just as wicked with its powerful and long-lasting (no kidding) taste. I like using it for a mid-day refresher.

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We love Tom's for their commitment to green practices. Both products are made without artificial colors, flavors or ingredients. In fact, each ingredient is carefully listed with the purpose and source. We applaud this transparency. If only all food labels would do that! For more information on the complete portfolio of Tom'??s of Maine products visit

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