Yogurt Container Recycling

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Like many neighborhoods, we can't toss our yogurt containers into the recycling bin, so we have to get creative and either a.) repurpose them or b.) bring them to our grocery store's special collection day. So I wanted to share facts and ideas about yogurt containers:

Ten ways to re-use your yogurt containers:

  1. Bath toys--who needs fancy plastic to scoop and pour?
  2. Sand toys--add a shovel and you've got a sand bucket. The different shapes and sizes make great sand molds.
  3. Food storage-we keep rice, lentils and other grains in ours.
  4. To go-whenever I give a new mom homemade soup or chili I use these instead of tupperware (no guilt involved with not getting the container back).
  5. Toy organization-we stash our letter magnets in these.
  6. Rinse bucket-everyone needs a water container for painting.
  7. Crafts-simply google "yogurt cup crafts" and you'll be inspired. I love these peguins from the mini cups!
  8. Sort it out-collect buttons, nails, or any other smallish things that tend to get lost.
  9. Piggy Bank-slice a hole at the top and drop in your change every day.
  10. Unbreakable vase-every tea party needs flowers. This vase won't break. Paint it and then add your child's hand-picked blossoms.
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Make your voice heard. Demand that your store start a recycling program for yogurt containers. Whole Foods has a drop off--it's not brain surgery for stores to collect these tubs and get them to recycling centers that can funnel the plastic to brands that want this resource.

More brands are using containers to make toys and household goods. Here are a few to consider: Sprig Toys makes trucks, submarines and figures all fashioned from yogurt containers--so cool! Preserve Cutting boardsand other kitchen and household gear.

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