Green Parenting Tips: Get Walking

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What if you parked your car for the day? According to, roughly 10% of children nationwide walk to school regularly. Even among those kids living within a mile of their school, only 25% are regular walkers.

I hunted down some scary numbers. The Environmental Defense Fund reports that U.S. emit over 333 million tons of carbon dioxide--this is one-fifth of the world'??s total carbon dioxide emissions. Got a big car? You've got even more reasons to walk. Driving an SUV only increases the amount of global-warming pollutants in comparison to the average cars by 43 percent.

Every time we walk instead of hopping in the car we are cutting back on harmful chemical emissions. Cutting back on vehicle miles traveled (VMT) reduce toxic air pollutants and is an amazing way to celebrate Earth Day next week. Think about taking up the challenge.

Walking isn't only great for the earth. You'll also burn about 300 calories in an hour and get a precious time to bond with your family (dog's too!) without distractions.

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