Green Parenting Ideas: BPA 101

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No one said parenting was for the lazy. Green parenting takes even more motivation. One of my latest quests in my non-existent free time has been researching BPA (Bisphenol A). Why did I take on this hobby? Because I don't want to find out a few years down the road that the serving items and containers in my kitchen were harming my kids.

Why avoid BPA? BPA has been linked (no final word yet) to health risks such as prostate and breast cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. This year major health organizations have started to study the effects of BPA on humans (read more: consumer reports article). Most baby bottle manufacturers have taken BPA out of production, but the new fear is that canned foods and other plastic items may have harmful consequences from BPA.

What you can do to avoid BPA:

  1. Use glass baby bottles and glass serving items in kitchen when possible.
  2. When buying plastic items for your kitchen look for BPA-free items.
  3. Work fresh fruits and veggies into your diet and cut back on canned goods.
  4. Opt for wooden and fabric toys over plastics--when you can limit your exposure to plastic do it.
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The next step is to stay educated. A mom's work is never done. Keep reading blogs, and news reports on the subject. And when you find a good resource share it. The Soft Landing Blog is an excellent spot to keep up on all the latest health reports that will impact your family--I just found a list of BPA-free shelf stored tomatoes. Happy greening.

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