Mommy Time Monday: Getting Wa$ted with Annabelle

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Annabelle Gurwich may just convince me that television has its merits. Last month Planet Green invited me to meet Annabelle and see a few choice clips from Wa$ted's third season. And it was darn good television. Informative, entertaining and captivating--yep, all the components are there to get moms hooked.

The show sets out to do eco-makeovers across the country. The hostess, Annabelle Gurwich is part comedian part crusader (in the funniest possible way)--you may recognize her from the beloved Dinner & a Movie series. She a mom on a mission. Annabelle says she's, "Looking at the way we live in our country today." And instead of preaching to the choir, the show doesn't hunt down hard-core eco-nuts. '??We want people who aren'??t already on a green conciousness path,'? Annabelle. That makes for good tv. We want to see folks like us who struggle with paying double for the greener product, or those who don't want to sacrifice comfort and convenience to save the planet.

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Annabelle and the Wa$ted team take the approach of hitting viewers in the wallet. In one episode, she talked a local Brooklyn Bakery into composting and using recyclable containers. The idea was that the PR efforts would bring in more customers (they haven't so far, but I say visit Sweet Melissa because the treats are yummy!). I loved the honesty of the show. The ladies at the bakery had a month's worth of food waste dumped in their backyard to prove a point--waste sucks.

For fans of reality tv, you'll get a kick out of the Space family. They own a zoo and run a energy-zapping house. The efforts at converting this crew to go green are pretty entertaining. Annabelle's shooting for incremental change and I applaud her efforts. And she doesn't leave anyone out of the equation: "I'm not interested in ideology. I'??m interested in actions." Me too Annabelle, me too.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We are trying to be a greener family and applaud everyone who is making an effort.

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