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Going Green for Personal and Planet Health

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In a time of going green, we are inundated with information about eco-friendly living and its value to the environment. It was so refreshing to hear about the personal health benefits of living the green life (not just the environmental) when we logged on to '??Going Green for Personal and Planet Health'? with Terra Wellington presented by Silk Soy Milk.

If the planet isn'??t enough to motivate you to be green, then these valuable green tips for personal health will surely inspire you. Terra Wellington is the Author of THE MOM'??S GUIDE TO GROWING YOUR FAMILY GREEN: Saving the Earth Begins at Home and contributor to She offers the following green tips and the health benefits associated with each.

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Tip: Include plant-based proteins in your family'??s diet like smoothies made with Silk soy milk (made from the whole soy bean). A sure favorite of mine, and my kids love the Silk chocolate soy for a snack or lunch box treat. Growing plants requires less energy and emits fewer greenhouse gases than growing livestock.
Health: No cholesterol and more nutrients, fiber and antioxidants than animal protein.

Tip: Eat only fish that are the best or good choices from Seafood Watch. Overfishing and pollution are the two greatest threats.
Health: Sustainable fish provides rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Tip: Try going to bed just a half hour earlier each night. It will save your household 182.5 hours of energy use annually and improve the way you feel. By reducing energy usage, you help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Health: Getting sufficient sleep helps to regulate the major hormones in the body, which largely determine our mood, energy, stress levels, and appetites.

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Tip: Instead of relying wholly on artificial lighting, turn off some lights and open your shades to let the sunshine in. Relying more on natural light reduces global warming, pollution, and environmental degradation. Plus, it'??s free.
Health: Spending limited time in the sun each day helps your calcium absorption, health, and mood.

Tip: Use water and baking soda for most of your household cleaning. It is cheap and non-toxic, and the baking soda packaging is usually made of renewable paper.
Health: Choosing products with materials and ingredients that are non-toxic and are more naturally derived is a proactive and preventive approach to a healthier lifestyle.

Tip: Get outside as a family and walk, hike or ride bikes. Children spend only about 8 percent of their time outdoors. Consider trips to the zoo, aquarium, nature reserve and local parks. Encourage older children to volunteer some of their summertime hours at a zoo, nature center, or animal rescue
Health: Contact with nature can enhance mood, reduce mental fatigue and increase concentration.

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Tip: Plant native trees. Encourage your city to open up urban areas for native tree restoration and additions. Work to help replant forests.
Health: Trees clean our air.

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