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Eco Event with Kelly Ripa and the Green Team

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Green is trendy - in beauty, fashion/lifestyle and food! We tuned into Kelly Ripa'??s first live webcast to get the latest tips for living green. Joining her was the fabulous '??green team,'? Josie Maran on beauty, Zem Joaquin on fashion, and Anna Getty on food. We learned that you don'??t have to give up style to live green '?? get the latest tips here.

Josie, creator of her own eco-friendly makeup line, Josie Maran Cosmetics, shared with us the importance of making beauty simple, '??less is more.'? 60% of ingredients from products are absorbed into your skin, so use beauty products with ingredients you can pronounce and avoid parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, synthetic dye, petro-chemicals and phthalates. You can check out to learn more about the ingredients in beauty products. Josie recommends Argan Oil, ($49 at Sephora) organically grown from the Argan tree in Morocco and naturally hydrates, nourishes, tones and firms skin. When you are finished with your cosmetics, Josie suggests you host a beauty swap with close friends (clever idea).

Founder and CEO of, Zem Joaquin, promotes a sexy sustainable style by:
1. Purchasing used clothing and furniture (she is a fan of ebay)
2. Buying organic cotton and jeans (H/M and Target have great options)
3. Shopping friend'??s closets (I like this idea)
4. Using non-VOC paint (Benjamin Moore and Serina and Lily are great)
5. Eliminating paper products (don'??t be part of the 2000 tons of paper products disposed each day)
6. Creating a green toy chest (avoid the plastic toys and chemicals that go with them)

And finally, Anna Getty, the author of Anna Getty'??s Easy Green Organic and founder of, emphasizes the importance of minimizing waste. She recommends:
1. Creating a list of grocery items to buy and sticking to it
2. Using leftovers and getting creative with them
3. Putting smaller meals on the table (you can always go back for more)
4. Making your own cards (we do that and it makes the gift more personal)
5. Joining a community garden or using your own to get kids involved (this is hard, especially in NYC, but we need to do it)
6. Investing in a soda water maker (this saves money and bottles)

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You can share your own green ideas by visiting When you do, Electrolux will donate $1 for the first green idea swapped, per user, per day, for a maximum of $25,000 to Global Green USA. Ends 4/30/10.

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