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On any given week you'll be able to find the Momtrends girls in Appaman. The clothes have the personality and whimsy that my girls and the hipster boys in Brooklyn crave. It's no surprise that the mastermind behind the brand, Harald Husum, has two of his own playground monkeys. Let's check in with Harald on his spring playground fashion predictions:

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Any exciting partnerships coming up (we loved the graffiti artist you teamed with last year!)? We are partnered with a great Japanese artist named Kayo Aiba. She did the Pretty Girl tee, the Braids tank and the Girl's Best Friend Tee.

What colors are important in the collection for spring?Brights like goldenrod yellow, hot pinks, and deep purples like passion pit. We always love clover for boys, bright blues and of course our signature vintage black (editor's note--this color is a must-have in NYC).

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How does it feel to see kids on the playground in your clothes? It is great especially when we see vintage Appaman (which to us is 3 + season old). I love seeing how the clothes hold up. The other day at Union square I had four Appaman sightings all from various seasons.

Does the company have any expansion plans?We are always looking to move in different directions but we take it slow to make sure we are prepared for the increase in work. It is most important to us to balance everything in order to have ample time with our kids. We are in the process of hiring which is always exciting.

Any green parenting tips from your family? We are backyard composting using the Outside Gourmet. It is amazing how it has cut down on our garbage and now we have all this gorgeous soil to use in our garden.

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Does Appaman have any green fashion practices? I like to stand by our clothes and the idea that they get passed through generations and families is as green as one can be. We are very proud of this.

 Shop Appaman on SmallConcepts.c or go here for store locations.

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