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EcoStore USA a Green Success Story

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EcoStore USA brand wants the best for you and your family. They aren't jumping on the green bandwagon, they've been in business for more than 15 years. It all started with an idyllic eco-village across the world in New Zealand, now they are staking claim in our huge village on Manhattan. Families like mine, can pop into any Duane Reade to pick up affordable, eco-friendly bath, beauty and cleaning products (Tip: bring your own reusable tote to shop) 24 hours a day.

We love that ecoStore USA is on a mission and we are proud partners with this brand. And we want you to get to know them a little better and encourage you to make the switch to cleaner and greener products. Here's our exclusive interview with Lyne Downing--the force of nature behind the successful US launch of the brand.

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MT: Congratulations on all your success this year. Even though the economy has been rocky, your brand has succeeded. Any secrets?

Undoubtedly the financial issues has affected everyone . What has succeeded for us has been first and foremost has been to have a truly great product. From its' earliest inception in New Zealand we have operated on the philosophy that if there were nasty , unhealthy ingredients in our formulations than they had to be omitted. We strive to have the most current , cutting edge products on the market, to offer full ingredient disclosure and keep our families and the planets health first in our minds.

In addition we believe that customer service has become a lost art and we have an amazing team that works tirelessly to remember that the customer does indeed come first.

MT: We know you partner with Healthy Child Healthy World. Why did you pick this organization?

Five years ago I attended the Expo West Conference in Anaheim, California where I heard speakers from Healthy Child. I was moved by their story and their commitment to being advocates for safer products . My daughter at the time was 7 years old and I was touched personally by the passion of this not for profit organization. I continued to follow them as we entered the US Market and when we began to manufacture in America we went through the intense vetting process of . Last July we became their trusted partners. We proudly put their logo on all of our labels and share their story with everyone.

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MT: Giving back seems to be a mantra at EcoStoreUsa. What are some other ways you all are involved in the community?

Cliché as it sounds, every day is Earth Day for our team. We are having an e~commerce sale of 50% off of all our products from April 16-18. The shoppers at Duane Reade stores will be able to purchase our Baby products at a reduced rate.


MT: How will the company be celebrating Earth Day on the 22nd?

We have a booth at the Rochester, Michigan Earth Festival for four days. Educating Moms and Dads is our goal so that they can carry the message to their children and hopefully create an environment where the products, the food supply and the world around us is a less toxic one. The dialogue is ongoing and we invite people to share their thoughts and ideas with us.

MT:What new products do you have in the works?

In December 2009 we acquired which is a state of the art eco manufacturing facility that is led by The Green Guy, Steve Berry. Currently on the burner we have a lotion that we hope to launch this summer that has had amazing results for eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, for babies as well as adults. Our new Glass and Toilet Cleaner will be available at Duane Reade soon. My personal favorite is our new line of wipes . This product is in testing phase but I promise you it is terrific.

MT: Any green tips you're eager to share to help make our houses cleaner?

Two no brainer green tips. Please look under your sink at the products you have. If you do not understand the ingredients in them, if the label says TOXIC, HAZARDOUS, CAUTION throw them away. And my very favorite green tip is'?¦.it is spring time '?¦.Open your windows and breathe!!!!


In NYC shop Duane Reade for ecoStoreUSA and for everyone else visit

We are proud to be sponsored by ecoStore--the products we use to clean our home and our family!

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