Ski Moms Survey

Ski Moms Survey

Time for the Ski Moms Survey. Why? Because we think the ski and snowboard industry can serve moms better. I want to make our voices heard at the annual Ski Industry Association Trade show in January. I'm going to be presenting the results our our findings to the men in charge (and, yes, sadly it's mostly men marketing to ski moms—but I'm on that too!) and I need your help.

For the last two years, the total number of skier visits have been declining. Since I'm such a huge fan of this family-friendly sport I want to dig in and get answers. Why do you go on a Disney Cruise, not a ski holiday?

I think you'll find a lot of mom bloggers talk about Disney. Not too many talk about the joys of the outdoors in the winter. I've always loved being a little different. That's why we do so much ski coverage on Momtrends—but let's talk about how we can do better!

The survey is really easy—just let me know what works and what doesn't and you could win $500! That will help you pay for your next ski trip. And when you are ready to plan your big trip, be sure to use our fabulous Family Ski Guide.

And here's one more trend: Did you know today is the World's Largest Ski Day? Yep, January 6th is the day when tons of newbies head out to ski or snowboard for the first time. (Find out more about free ski lessons here, but I'm fascinated by why more families DON'T ski. What keeps them off the slopes and how can I inspire them to try what I believe is truly a fantastic family sport? That's why we developed the 2017 Ski Moms Survey.

If you want solutions to all your travel planning questions around skiing, we're here to help. This guide is a soup-to-nuts guide. Enjoy!

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