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Momtrends Must-Have: Feeding Gear & #Giveaway

Best Breast Feeding Pillow: Blessed Nest Nesting Pillow

Blessed Nest Nesting Pillow

There are a few other more popular brands of breast feeding pillows, but I promise you - this one is better. Here's why - the Nesting Pillow is filled with buckwheat hulls that allow you to adjust the filling to get just the angle or support you and baby need. No putting a pillow under your breast feeding pillow to prop it up to the perfect position. Plus, the pyramid shape of the hulls allows them to gently lock together like puzzle pieces so the pillow stays in the shape you position it during feeding giving you stable support. You can also then adjust the filling to provide the perfect support for tummy time or as a pregnancy pillow. The hulls are also super breathable so neither you nor your baby will overheat. Even better? The 100% organic cotton covers are machine washable and come in a number of modern prints. Because let's be honest - this pillow is going to be mainstay in your living room for the foreseeable future, so it's nice to have something that is stylish and maybe even coordinates with your décor. BUY: Amazon

Best Electric Breast Pump: Spectra Baby S1 Breast Pump


While this may be a new brand to some of you, the Spectra Baby S1 Breast Pump will quickly become a favorite of moms everywhere. The S1 (look for the blue one) can be used with wall plug or rechargeable battery, and has both a nightlight and timer. The pump has closed system and backflow protection to keep it hygienic, a letdown mode and multiple pumping adjustments to find the pressure that works best for you, and comes with two bottles and two stands. You'll love how powerful it is while still being comfortable, quiet and adjustable. BUY: Amazon

Best Manual Breast Pump: Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Medela Manual

We'll just say it - manual pumping is pretty low on the list of enjoyable parenting tasks. But if you're traveling overnight or just pumping occasionally, a manual pump can be an affordable and compact way to express milk when needed. Our top pick is the Medela Harmony which is lightweight, compact, and has 2-phase expression providing pumping on the top tip for stimulation and the lower handle to maximize milk flow. BUY: Amazon

Breast Pump Newcomer Award: Ardo Calypso Double Plus Breast Pump

Ardo Calypso Double

New to the market in 2015, the Swiss-made Ardo breast pump claims to be THE quietest breast pump on the market! They even have a hilarious video with side-by-side audio comparisons of the Calypso Double pump next to five other major pumps on the market. Get ready to giggle. We also love the "closed system" designed to ensure no contamination of the milk or damage to the machine, and that each pump comes with three sizes of flanges to help moms find their perfect fit. BUY: Amazon

Best Hands-Free Breast Pump Bra: Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra

Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra

As we said, pumping isn't one of our favorite new parent tasks, but investing in a pumping bra allows you to pump hands-free while getting still getting things done. You will still be attached to your pump so those activities needs to be stationary, but your hands will be free to email clients, scroll through social media, or you know, read your favorite blogs (hint, hint). We love this Simple Wishes bra because it is affordable (about $30), comes in 2 sizes (XS-L and L-Plus), and has a 10 inch adjustable Velcro back panel to ensure you get a perfect fit as your body changes after delivery. BUY:Amazon

Best Breast Pump Bag: Sarah Wells "Lizzy" and Juno Blu "Nepenthe"

Untitled design

If you need to take your breast pump on the go, the last thing you want is a floppy bag that screams, "I have a breast pump inside!" We love these two bags for providing stylish ways to stash your breast pump on the go. Sarah Wells has a number of cute pump bags, but we love the fun, modern print of this "Lizzy" model which is under $100, lightweight, and fits ALL portable pumps including the Medela Pump in Style (with or without a case) and Freestyle, Hygeia, Freemie, Spectra (including S2), Ardo, Lansinoh, and Ameda and more. You can also snap down the sides for a smaller pump purse or unsnap and use as across-body bag able to fit laptop bag. The über-chic Juno Blu "Nepenthe" will feel right at home in any office setting. The vegan leatherette exterior is wipeable, spill-resistant and available in either black or brown. The bag fits most double pumps, has multiple compartments, and can be carried as a handheld or with the crossbody strap. BUY: Sarah Wells or Juno Blu

Best Breast Feeding Cover: Udder Covers Breast Feeding Cover


While the nearest swaddling blanket will often work just as well if you feel the need to cover up while nursing, we are a big fan of the style and price (though not the name...) of Udder Covers. With dozens of available fabrics, the Udder Cover has stylish, modern prints without screaming "LOOK AT ME!". The D-ring wire-hoop neckline allows you to keep an eye on baby while the 100% cotton material makes it both breathable and machine-washable. BUY: Amazon

Best Bottle for Baby: Well, it depends....

We deliberately didn't pick one favorite bottle because sadly, the best bottle for your baby will vary greatly and likely will be decided by...well, your baby. What size they like to hold, what nipple they like to suckle...these are all largely out of your control. That being said, here are a few innovative bottles that offer something different - and might be worth searching out.


The soft silicone Comotomo bottles are designed to decrease nipple confusion and be more "breast-like" than a traditional bottle. BUY

Worried about your baby swallowing air while she eats? The Bare bottle claims to help prevent gas, colic, fuss & spit-ups with its innovative Air-plug® that allows you to expel the air out of the bottle before baby drinks. It also has a unique extendable nipple that mimics the breasts’ flow resistance & suckling motion. BUY

Bringing formula on the go is easier with Mixie bottles that keep the dry formula and water separate, but in the same bottle until you press a button to mix the two. BUY

Best New Feeding Gadget: Gerber BabyNes Formula Dispenser

Gerber BabyNes

Live by your Keurig? Or ever tried to correctly make a bottle at 2AM? Then you'll love this new gadget from Gerber - the BabyNes. This gadget can prepare the perfect bottle in less than a minute at the desired temperature with the exact amount of formula. Keep the water reservoir filled and when you're ready for a bottle, just pop in a formula pod from one of the six formula levels based on your baby's age. No measuring. No heating. No shaking. No lumps. The BabyNes Machine also has built-in Wi-Fi, so you can receive feeding alerts, track your baby’s growth, order formula, and connect with BabyNes nutritionists. Check out our full review of the BabyNes here!BUY: Amazon

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Best Baby Bibs: OXO Tot Roll-Up Bib

OXO Tot bib

Yes, there are plenty of adorable soft fabric bibs to use when your babe is little, but once your tot starts eating solids, you'll want to upgrade to the OXO Tot Roll-Up Bib. Here's why: the fabric top is soft on baby's neck while the extra wide silicone catcher ensures all those peas and applesauce bites don't end up all over his lap or the floor. Plus the whole thing rolls up into the bottom catcher making it easy to store on-the-go. BUY: Amazon

Best Innovative Baby Feeding Brand: Boon Inc.

Boon Inc

While there are lots of feeding brands on the market, Boon Inc. consistently comes up with products that make you say "What a brilliant idea!" We love classic feeding tools from Boon like their Catch Bowl that has a suction cup bottom and a oh-so-smart spill catcher to keep your tot's lap clean or Squirt, their baby food dispensing spoon the makes feeding baby on-the-go a breeze. One of my personal favorites with my kids were Benders, a spoon and fork set with a bendable tip to help new eater who can't quite get the silverware at the right angle to get food successfully in their mouth - genius! Boon's new feeding products don't disappoint either - from the SPAN Dishwasher Net that keeps all your kid dishware from ending up in the heating element to the silicone SNUG Sippy and Straw Lids that turn any cup into a kid-friendly sipper.

* Click to the end for an amazing BOON Inc. gift pack giveaway! *

Best Baby Food Maker: BEABA Babycook Pro

beaba babycook pro

Making your own baby food at home is a breeze with the BEABA Babycook Pro. This all-in-one unit allows you to steam, blend and reheat your favorite combinations for fruits, veggies, meat and fish to create healthy, homemade meals for your baby in minutes. Plus there is an included recipe book with lots of ideas. We love the sleek, space-saving design, one-handed operation, and that you can make 17+ servings of baby food at once in less than 15 minutes! Opt for this Pro version which has a larger 4.7 cup bowl or the original Babycook for a smaller and less expensive option. BUY: Amazon

Best Placemat: ezpz Happy Mat and Summer Infant Tiny Diner


Once babes begin to move to solids, you'll find that a lot more food ends up on them, you, or the floor then in their mouths. Meals can be a bit cleaner with one of these favorite placemats. The Summer Infant Tiny Dinner has three suction cups on the bottom to hold it to the table and a perfectly located tray to catch those ketchup drips and runaway raisins. The placemat also rolls up into itself for easy traveling and storage. The ezpz Happy Mat suctions completely to the table and has a built-in sectioned plate to keep those cooked carrots from daring to touch the chicken. Both placemats come in green, blue or pink and are super easy to wash off at the sink or pop in the dishwasher. BUY: Happy Mat or Tiny Diner

Ready to win? We're giving away a toddler feeding gift pack from Boon Inc. valued at $145! Check out the complete list below for all the products you'll win in the color scheme of your choice. Enter via rafflecopter below.

WIN our Momtrends Must-Have Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway includes the following Boon products:

SPAN Silicone Dishwasher Net

FORB MINI Soap Dispensing Silicone Dish Brush

SNUG SPOUT Universal Silicone Sippy Lids & Cup

SNUG STRAW Universal Silicone Straw Lids & Cup

FLUID Sippy Cup

CATCH BOWL with Spill Catcher

PLATE Edgeless Nonskid Plate Set

PLATTER Edgeless Nonskid Divided Plate Set

MODWARE Toddler Utensils

FLATWARE Transitional Toddler Utensils

NOSH Snack Container

TRUNK Snack Box

GRASS Countertop Drying Rack

Full Disclosure: Winner must be 18 years or older and a U.S. Resident. No PO boxes. No purchase necessary. Winners will be notified via email with the specifics on how to claim their prize. One winner per email. By entering this contest, you will automatically be signing up for the Momtrends newsletter. Good luck!

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