Toy Tuesday: Summer Infant's Kiddopotamus Collection

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When it comes to toys (and pretty much everything), my fourteen month old really wants to exert her independence. She wants to take control and feel empowered. If it was up to my stubborn little lady, she'd be able to master her brother’s Lego sets and use all of his “big boy” toys—despite her very limited fine motor skills. She gets easily frustrated, so I’ve been on the hunt for simple toys that challenge her without discouraging her.

And that’s why I’m loving Summer Infant’s new Kiddopotamus collection of toys. The line was developed to inspire parents and their babies to play together, but it also allows infants to succeed independently. It includes animal-themed playthings, with names such as Laffy Giraffy, Jiggypotamus and Have It All Ball, whcih all incorporate learning and interactive activities.

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My wee one and I are loving the mix-and-match Stack of the Pack Animals and the King of the Shape Sorter. We've got to get our hands on a few more... Baby P is feeling more confident and excited to play!

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