Toy Tuesday: Pie Face

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I’m pretty proud of the fact that I managed to find Pie Face three days before Christmas. After all, it was the must-have game of the holiday season—and every big box store I tried was out of stock. Alas, I'm a toy-shopping ninja and I managed to snag this much coveted must-have just in the nick of time. (I called like a billion boutiques.)

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Pie Face is a gamblin' game! You spin the wheel to see how many times you have to turn the handles on the Pie Face unit--it could be one time, it could be six! Eventually, someone will get smacked in the face with a hand of whipped cream! It's pretty much my three-year-old son’s dream come true. (I’m not sure which he enjoyed more: getting “pie” on his face (and then in his mouth!) or watching me get splattered! I've got to admit: both put a smile on my face too!

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