Top Toys: The Presents Your Kids Want to See Under the Tree

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Five days till Christmas! Five days till Hanukkah! Five days left to browse, buy, and wrap all those games and gadgets and stocking stuffers and trinkets and knick-knacks and toys for your favorite good boys, nice girls, and itty-bitty babes.

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I thought I was way ahead of the game, getting the majority of my children's presents purchased in November. But then my son threw me a curve ball, as kids often do, late last week when he informed me (and Santa Claus) that all he really wants this year is a grappling hook... Yes, a grappling hook! (What?!?) My jaw dropped--as did St. Nick's. See, he's laughing that jolly laugh of his. That was the exact moment when the G-man gave the big guy his orders.

Luckily, Santa has connections, and informed me that this awesome Batman grappling hook is on clearance! (Ironically, the shipping cost more than the actual item. Or so Santa told me..)

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If you still have toy shopping to do, rest assured, we've got your back, Mama. We've hunted and scoured and tested and, best of all, played with the hottest must-have of the season. Our favorites are featured in our 2016 Gift Guide! From Hatchimals (honestly, if you find one on the shelves, buy it—these babies are coveted!) to Fisher Price's Code-a-Pillar to a life-size Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or the totally tricked out Barbie Dream House, these fabulously fun find will make the big day (or all eight day!) a total hit. Shop the perfect picks HERE.

Happy Everything!

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