"SICK" Bags Review and Giveaway

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Life with children can be messy and you often have to have a sense of humor to deal with the demands of the day. We need to find laughter in the little things and be liberal with the smiles. It helps not to take ourselves too seriously either. Well, The (Wear) SICK bags make me giggle every time I pop my bag open to grab something I need.

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When I say "SICK" bags I am not using a 1990's euphemism for cool (although that would be applicable...) SICK bags are stylish bags made from top vegan leather in NYC's garment district and what makes them so special is that each bag represents a one of the most common childhood illnesses.

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I love how sleek and sophisticated the bags are on the outside yet inside each one is lined with a common childhood illnesses such as e.coli, coxsackie, strep and their newest addition, strep mutan (causes cavities.) You can look great, carry all that your busy schedule requires all while supporting a great cause and bringing a little happy into each day.

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I love how each tote has a clutch pouch to keep your essentials close (don't worry, it is attached to one handle so you can find it but never misplace it!) Each tote is roomy and is perfect for everything from your laptop and wallet to an extra sweater or an extra stash of snacks and busy toys. The bags also wipe clean with a damp cloth! Perfect for this unfussy mama.

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The SICK Bags Mission is all about raising awareness of childhood illnesses.

The fabrics lining our bags have a lighthearted feel, but we take fighting diseases seriously. We donate a portion of each sale to leading children's hospitals committed to preventing and finding cures for pediatric ailments. We also believe that funds should stay local. So if a bag is bought in New York, the donation goes to a hospital in New York. It's that simple.

Behind it all is Silvie Altschuler, an award-winning jewelry designer who shifted the focus of her creativity after her two sons were born. Not content to lug around a standard issue diaper bag or plunk a designer tote in the sandbox, Silvie dreamed up a sturdy yet sophisticated carryall that any mother – any woman, actually – can proudly stash her belongings in.

Visit WEARSICK.com to shop for your own SICK bag and support the cause. Follow Sick Bags on Facebook and Instagram.
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