Rubens Barn offers handmade happiness to any boy or girl who owns one of these sweet dolls. Handmade in Sweden, Rubens Barn Dolls come in a variety of styles, sizes and prices. The newest members of the Rubens Barn collection are the Rubens Cuties.

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My 18 month old son has really started showing an interest in his older sister's toys lately. He especially loves playing with her dolls. He's always stealing her dolls from her room, carrying them all over the house and pushing them in the stroller. I thought it was about time he got a doll of his own to love.

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Judah is now the proud papa of an Adam Cutie doll from Rubens Barn. I love that Adam is the perfect size for his hands and great for snuggling. Adam's blue eyes and blonde curly top hair looks a lot like Judah, which I find absolutely adorable!

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The Adam Cutie doll comes in the cutest little blue striped shirt and sailor outfit.

The Rubens Barn Cutie dolls measure 11" and make a perfect first doll and are just right for toddlers! They have cuddly little fleece bodies, embroidered eyes, rosy cheeks and soft hair.

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Judah loved feeding his new baby. He fed Adam a well rounded lunch of grapes, a cupcake and a banana from our play kitchen.

I love that his first baby doll is handmade with a European style. Judah is definitely a boy that loves dinosaurs, trucks and playing with his soccer ball and football but I love encouraging his tender, loving side too. It's so sweet to see him giving his baby hugs and kisses and patting it on the back telling him "is okay".

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