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I have a very busy toddler who loves to move and be outside. All. Day. Long. But we live in a place where going outside can sometimes be tricky due to the weather so I'm always on the lookout for toys that will not only entertain her but also give her the freedom to move. The Mamas & Papas Rock&Ride Taking Lotty does just that. Not only is it a rocking toy but you can covert the wheels to be a ride on toy as well.

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One of the features I love the most about the Rock&Ride Talking Lotty is that almost all of the surfaces are plush. My little girl likes to ride wild and therefore really gets into moving her head back and forth. The plush surfaces make it so she can be wild and still be safe if she bumps her head against it. Also the seat is very secure and holds her in like a booster chair. It's easy to get in and out of but hard to fall off of making it ideal for a younger baby who is just learning to sit up or a busy toddler who can sometimes get going too fast.

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The colors of the Rock&Ride Talking Lotty are perfect for little kids, bight and fun, and the feet and ears are interactive with patterns and crinkly fabric on the feet and singing ears (requires two AA batteries).

My busy girl spent quite a bit of time just exploring and playing with those features alone. In fact, she wasn't too happy when I informed her it was time to put the Rock&Ride Talking Lotty away and go pick up her brother and sister!

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Shop! The Rock&Ride Talking Lotty is $129 and is suitable for children 9 months old and up. Mamas & Papas has a great selection of fun toys - check them out.

A sample was provided for review but as always the opinions are ours. 

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