New Jewelry Line Inspires Girls to be Confident

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We all know it's not easy being a teenager—body image issues, bullies, family trouble—they add up. In fact, 47% of girls struggle with self-esteem. But we all know having positive reinforcement in your life can make the world of a difference. That's why a young woman jewelry entrepreneur is thinking big:

Hitting Icing stores nationwide this February, “Look Fabulous, Share Confidence” is a new line of jewelry that’s inspiring girls across the country to be bold and brave, even when the going gets tough. Hoping you might highlight this jewelry as the perfect gift to givethe young woman in your life a boost of confidence ahead of Valentine’s Day.

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From $15-20, the jewelry includes cute necklaces and bracelets with charms and powerful words to remind girls to be “strong,” “ambitious” and “confident.” The jewelry is already making a huge difference. As one girl put it“it makes me smile and feel loved when I wear it because it was a present from someone who thinks I’m all these great things.”

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This includes cute pieces like the Arrow Bar Pendant, the Charmed Stacked Bangles and much more!

The line is being designed and launched by Gennaro, a woman-owned and operated fashion jewelry company whose mission is to make every girl and woman feel beautiful and independent.

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For every piece of jewelry that’s sold, Gennaro is donating 10% of their profits to Strong Women Strong Girls, a nonprofit that’s connecting strong women mentors to girls for low-income communities, so they can shoot for the stars and live up to their true potential.

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