NerdBlock Jr.: Girls Box vs Boys Box Unboxing {Video}


Before the holidays, we shared a review of the Nerd Block Jr. subscription box: a service that delivers fun toys for kids 6 - 11 each month. Last time we shared all the details of a Boy Nerd Block Jr. and today we're comparing the Boy and Girl boxes from January to give you a closer look at what's inside.

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My daughter loves surprises and was thrilled to open the box. She was even more delighted by what she found inside. The box contained:

  • The Smurfs figures play set
  • Nerd Block Jr branded night light
  • Hello Kitty sticker book
  • Tetris notebook
  • Pens
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The Nerd Block Jr. box contained a real variety - the set of figures for display or imaginative play, pens, notepad and stickers for journaling and the adorable nightlight for display. All three kids immediately started playing with The Smurfs toy set.

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My favorites were the Tetris notebook and night light. The notebook has a rainbow of colors and the edges are cut out in Tetris-shapes. Even my kids, who aren't familiar with the game, love it for writing notes and drawing pictures. (But I may totally snag this one for my purse!) The night light is a darling little shape and it changes colors. It's super cute on a shelf or even in bed with a kiddo who needs some extra comfort at night.

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Nerd Block Jr. Boys Box Unboxing

A few days after unboxing our Girls box we received the Boy box. I'm not sold on the idea of the gender-specific boxes, so it was really interesting to compare the two. Take a look at the kids opening the Boys January box to see what was inside.

For some subscription boxes you are paying a premium for the convenience and discovery factor. But given the affordable price point ($14/month) and the amount and quality of toys you receive, Nerd Block Jr. is a really good value. It's fun, my kids love it and they actually play with and enjoy what they receive.

Shop!Nerd Block Jr. subscription box is only $13.99 per month. Sign up now to receive the next box which ships on the 15th of the month.

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