Mother's Day Shopping Guide: Best in Tech


Today's Mother's Day Shopping Guide is all about technology. From tools to make your tasks easier to smart solutions for capturing memories, these are items you'll grab day after day.

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  1. Surface Pro 3 (from $800). Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways! The Surface Pro 3 is versatile, smart and easily adapts to meet your day to day needs. So basically it's a mom in computer form. Read our full Surface Pro 3 review to see how I use it for blogging and traveling.
  2. Artifact Uprising (from $18). "Off your device, into your life." Take those beautiful Instagram photos and do something with them using the simple AU Mobile app. Our top picks for Mother's Day are the softcover photo book and the calendar. Get more gift ideas in the Artifact Uprising Mother's Day Gift Guide.
  3. Kitchen Tablet Stand ($50). Find your favorite recipe on Pinterest, pull it up on your tablet and then set it in this smart tablet stand to keep it clean and accessible. The included self-standing weighted stylus lets you control the screen without touching it with messy fingers.
  4. Mini Jambox Wireless Speaker ($95). Take the dance party with you! Small enough to fit in your pocket so it easy goes where you do. From the park to the pool to the backyard, the portable speaker has more than 10 hours charge and connects via Bluetooth. You'll love the added capability with the Jawbone app.
  5. PEN E-PL6 Camera ($300). Intimidated by a dSLR? A compact system camera is a great solution. You'll get the quality of an SLR with the ease and size of a point and shoot. We love the built-in filters, movie options, speed and touch screen of the Olympus cameras.
  6. Amazon Fire HD 3 ($140). Powerful tablet, endless entertainment. From Facebook to the Kindle app to a huge selection of digital programming, the Fire provides a great escape for busy moms.


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