Toy Tuesday: Help Kid Express Themselves With Moodsters


A lot of people ask when the right time to talk to your children about their feelings is. Denise Daniels, founder and CEO of Moodsters believes it's never too early. As a leader in child development, Denise has collaborated with a Yale University psychologist to create a curriculum that provides essential building blocks for preschool social and emotional development. The best part? It's super cute!

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Certain topics like death, divorce, moving away, or natural disasters are difficult to discuss with a child. But even the "simpler" ideas like what being happy is or how they behave when they're angry are important to explore.

The Moodsters are furry little friends that tackle emotional subjects like love, fear, and sadness. Because they are each designated for a specific mood or feeling, children can easily identify with the Moodster that fits their own emotions. Each Moodster comes with certain phrases they repeat when buttons in the hand are pressed. They also come with an activity book to help teach your child what emotions are.

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Like anything else, establishing a routine is key. A good way to get your child interested (if they aren't already) in talking about their feelings is finding a specific time each day. After dinner and a bath is usually a good time since their bodies are full and their minds are (hopefully) calm.

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If you don't want to add any more plush buddies to your child's room, a great option is the Moodsters Meter and Storybook. Because young children often don't have the verbal skills to put their feelings into words, the meter helps identify how they feel. This interactive teaching toy gives children a basic vocabulary of feelings and helps them express themselves.

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If you have little ones going in to school for the first time, these are great starter tools. Even your older children would appreciate some healthy dialogue about their feelings.

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