ELPH Safety ID Band - Stay Connected to your Children


In just a few short weeks the worst of winter will be over and it will be time to head outdoors for spring activities and fun. Children who have been cooped up inside waiting out winter will be more than anxious to feel the sun and wind on their little faces as they enjoy the outdoors.

The excitement of being free and outdoors can be a child's greatest dream and a mother's worse nightmare if she's ever turned around and couldn't place eyes on her child. I've been there, I know. With the controversy and mixed feelings surrounding putting your child on a leash the ELPH band is a viable option to give parents peace of mind and the ability to provide a good samaritan your contact info in the event you and your child become separated.

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ELPH stands for Easy Lookup to Phone Home. This non toxic silicone wristband contains highly visible identification information along with a QR code.If the QR code is scanned, in addition to the direct call, it will also send alert messages that tell the emergency contacts when the ID was scanned and provides a current GPS location.

The child's name or other identifying information is not printed on the band but specific instructions to follow in the event your child gets lost. You only need to take a few minutes to register your child's bracelet online to gain a sense of peace in the event you lose your child in a crowded location.

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Shop! ELPH retails for 19.99 and includes one year of service. For more information be sure to visit elphband.com for more information

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