Easter Basket Shopping Guide: First Easter


There's something special about firsts. My daughter received a white bunny in her first Easter basket. It wasn't a special or sentimental item, but rather one that was tossed in at the last minute for "one more item." Fast forward a few months and that not so special little white bunny soon became her most favorite toy in the basket. 8 years later she still sleeps with it every night. We've driven 6 hours out of our way to retrieve the missing bunny when it was left at a hotel and we now wash it in the sink because I'm pretty sure it would fall apart in the washing machine. I know one day she will no longer bring her bunny down in the mornings to snuggle on the couch with but I do know that it will go into that box of sentimental items and we will always remember her bunny.

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Baby's First Easter Basket Ideas

Together with Babies R Us we've compiled a list of items that would be perfect for that first Easter basket. From unique basket ideas to filler items that may turn out to be your child's special bunny. We hope this list can help you put together the perfect basket this first Easter.

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Baskets: I love a multifunctional basket. These are all non-traditional but all for use down the road. A push toy can be used for beginning walkers while a storage container can do double duty as a catch all at the changing table.

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Books: Each Easter we place a special book in our children's baskets and they've become something they treasure. Some are silly and some are sentimental but all are special. Happy Easter Mouse is from the authors of the If You Give a Mouse... series and Duck and Goose is sure to be a hit with their adventure to find the Easter Bunny. I especially love the story of Little Nutbrown Hare and his mama and how they trade back and forth on how far their love can reach in the book Guess How Much I Love You. I can recite it by heart as can my oldest two and it will always be a life long favorite at this house.

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Fillers: Every basket needs a special stuffed animal and this precious bunny from Melissa and Doug is perfect. I also like to include items that are necessary but have a touch of whimsy such as the broccoli shaped tethers and the bunny bib which is a perfect addition to any Easter outfit. Along with the fun are the practical items like new sippy cups or feeding items.

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Toys: Last but not least are a few new fun toys. The egg crayons are perfect for tiny hands that are just learning to color. Sophie the Giraffe is a favorite amongst all of our friends. It's truly a multipurpose item that can be a teether and a toy in one. Babies love to play peak-a-boo and what better way to play than with a hand puppet with some of their favorite animals attached. And finally the Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet is bound to keep your baby laughing for hours with it's bright colors that are revealed when you crack the eggs.

Babies"R"Us Celebrates Baby's First Easter

For more Easter ideas, parents can bring their little bunnies – dressed in their Easter best – to Babies“R”Us stores nationwide on March 28th from 10-11am for festive, interactive activities for the family. Attendees can experience a Bunny Hop around the store, photo opportunities and craft and story time, as well as Pampers giveaways.

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