Destress on the Go with Destressify App


With so many different stressors in our environment it is impossible not to feel overwhelmed or slightly stressed on a daily basis. From dealing with our children and their many activities, to increased demands and hours at work, learning how to effectively manage stress is a great way to be productive without being consumed with factors that we can't change.

Successfully managing stress doesn't come naturally to some. The Destressify app serves as a great on the go tool for at your fingertips access to various techniques in helping you to address the 5 key areas of stress prevention.

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These key areas include:

  • Practices for calming the mind
  • Emotional balance
  • Relaxation
  • Energizing exercises
  • Techniques to help achieve joy

The app in its free and paid versions offers over 45 bonus audio and video practices to help you become calm, balanced, relaxed, energized and joyful.

Here are a few reviews of the app by users:

  • An easy way to encourage yourself to just take a few minutes each day to de-stress and to remember what's important in life.
  • Helps you to remember to take time each day for yourself. It's easy to use and it helps you to integrate new healthier patterns into daily living without making a big deal out of it.
  • It has been a great way to focus on myself so I can be a better and less stressed person and it doesn't take a lot if time.

The app comes in a free and paid version for iOS and Android.

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