Sip N' Go Review


Every time we go for a hike, you would think we were off to Everest instead of the local "beginner-level" mountain we climb. I think it'??s because my backpack always looks like it'??s making mountains out of molehills, literally. It's overflowing with snacks for our daughter, extra clothes in case she falls in a puddle, and huge (not to mention heavy) clipped-on aluminum water bottles dangling all over. At least I can solve the heavy water bottle issue now. Enter the Sip N' Go Reusable Water Bottle


This lightweight, foldable water bottle is great to bring along when you need the water but could lose the weight. This plastic (but yet BPA-free) "bottle" is super light weight. The genius part--it folds in half and can be clipped to even the smallest of keychains for anywhere sipping. So when the water is finished, just roll it up and pop it into your backpack (or even cargo pants pocket, if you're so inclined).

The Sip N' Go even comes with me to the gym now. Once I'm done with my drink, I fold it up, snap it and clip it to my keychain. No more lugging around an empty bottle from workout station to cardio to workout station. Or disposing of a plastic one.

It'??s even freezable, so you can start a hike or workout with an ice pack and end with refreshingly cool water.

One thing to note, it's lack of super sturdiness is noticeable when you hand the "bottle" to a toddler. A squish quickly becomes a splash, since the water does come out a bit when tiny hands squeeze too hard.

Another great thing about the Sip N' Go is that it stands like a regular water bottle, so you can perch it nicely on your picnic blanket. Provided the ground isn't too bumpy and lumpy.

To us, this bottle is worth more than its weight during our hikes. Now if I can just get my daughter to stop jumping in puddles.

The Sip N' Go foldable reusable water bottle is available at for $6.95 or Amazon

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