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Momtrends MVP'S The Best Diaper Pails and Accessories

Best Diaper Pail: Diaper Dekor Plus

It's not easy being #1 at holding #2s, but the Diaper Dekor Plus takes our top honors for its blend of features, function, style and price. First, it's function. The Dekor Plus is hands-free which means no wrestling open a lid while you hold a squirmy baby in the other arm. The lid has a two part stink-resist system: a rubber sealed lid to keep odors out of your nursery and a spring-loaded trap door to separate yesterday's diapers from the new one you're about to put in. It's recommended to use the Diaper Dekor proprietary bags (the long kind you tie off at the bottom), but many parents use regular garbage bags with equal success. Parents who use cloth diapers also will love this pail for it's large opening, capacity and special machine washable cloth diaper liner. While there are cheaper diaper pails on the market, the Dekor Plus will cost you under $50 and is constructed out of a more expensive ABS plastic (the same kind LEGOS are made from) which is more durable and odor-proof than other plastics. The Plus is one of three sizes the Diaper Dekor comes in and is available in five colors to match your nursery. Finally, when you're done with diapers, you can remove the lid insert and use the Plus as a regular trash can. BUY: Amazon

Diaper Dekor Plus

Best Odor Control: Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail

There are two main types of diaper pail stink to consider: 1) stink that emanates from the container, even when it's closed; and 2) the stink that whiffs out when you open the pail to put in another diaper. The Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail succeeds at stopping both kids of stink. The pail has a unique self-sealing, twisting system to lock off smells from diapers already in the pail when you open the lid as well as the odor-eliminating power of baking soda that is dispersed each time you close the lid. This diaper pail does use proprietary bags, but the bags can hold between 30-40 diapers and snap shut at the top, sealing in the stink when it's time to change the bag. We love that it can be operated with one hand and that the baking soda dispenser can easily be refillable unlike some other brands that have special sprays or discs that need to be purchased again and again. BUY: Amazon

Munckin ArmHammer copy

Best Style-Savvy Diaper Pail: Ubbi

If it's possible to win a diaper pail beauty contest, Ubbi would take the cake. With a sleek powder-coated steel available in 12 nursery-matching colors, Ubbi is pretty - for something that will hold your little one's multiple daily "deposits". Best of all, Ubbi is more than a pretty face. It's not hands-free, but this pail has a slide-open lid which cuts down on the diaper aroma cloud that can occur with others where the whole lid pops opens. Parents will also love the childproof lock, that it's suitable for cloth diapers, and that you can use any kind of trash bag to line the bin. (If you do choose to use Ubbi's liners, you do get the added benefit of them being biodegradable.)

Ubbi copy

While Ubbis can be almost twice the price of cheaper diaper pails, keep in mind that there are two kinds of diaper pail stink to consider. One is the stink that seeps out of the bag holding two dozen dirty diapers inside the diaper pail. Most of the time, this smell is experienced when you open the diaper pail lid to put in the next dirty diaper. The other kind of stink is when that dirty diaper smells actually permeates the plastic diaper pail itself. Once that stink gets into the plastic, you can't remove it. Here is one of the other great benefits of a steal diaper pail like Ubbi. Ubbi offers really good stink control of the first kind, but just as importantly, the diaper pail itself WON'T absorb the diaper smell over time. And that is priceless. BUY: Amazon

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Best Hanging Cloth Diaper Pail: FuzziBunz Hanging Laundry Bag

While many of our award-winning diaper pails can also be used with cloth diapers, some parents may opt for a hanging laundry bag like this one by FuzziBunz. Before you balk at the idea of hanging a bag full of your baby's soiled diapers off the back of the nursery doorknob, keep in mind that with cloth diapers you are removing any "solids" before stashing them in the bag and that you are likely washing diapers every (or every other) day so there isn't time for build-up smell that can occur with week-old disposables. Here's where the FuzziBunz bag shines. It has a polyurethane laminated interior to keep the contents contained and a soft poly knit exterior to keep it cute for the nursery. This bag also has a unique design that allows you to insert dirty diapers from the top and then an unzippable bottom to allow you to easily get the diapers into your washer without having to reach into the bag or invert it. The bag holds up to repeated washings well and comes with a sewn-in sachet where you can dab a few drops of your favorite essential oil (cloth diaper moms swear by tea tree oil) to mask any lingering scent. BUY: Amazon


Best Luxury Diaper Pail: VIPP Pedal Bin

Vipp Diaper Pail

Depending on what size VIPP you get, this can will cost you between $250-$400. Which is outrageous for a diaper pail! But not, perhaps, for a gorgeous, stainless-steel Danish-made, long-lasting trash can that can be used as a diaper pail for the years that you need it. In fact, this is the only diaper pail on the list that is part of the the architecture and design collection at The Museum of Modern Art in New York. Sure, you can spend under $100 on a regular plastic diaper pail that will inevitably absorb odors and will inevitably end up in a landfill. Or you can get this beauty that will look stunning in any modern nursery, performs superbly as a diaper pail, and can be used for years to come as a trashcan in your home. An investment to be sure. But if you don't mind spending more money for something that will outlast the baby years, the VIPP may be your perfect pail. BUY: Amazon

 Best Newcomer: Bubula

It sounds a bit strange to say we're excited about something that will hold our baby's "daily deposits", but this new diaper pail from Bubula is definitely one to watch. Releasing May 25, 2015, the Bubula aims to be the perfect pail. It's stainless steel (so it won't absorb odors over time), it has an enclosed deposit compartment where you insert the diaper, close the lid and press a button to drop the diaper down to the others (preventing that dreaded diaper whiff), it uses regular garbage bags (saving you time and money) and it's larger than many other diaper pails (the brand claims it can hold 50% more diapers than other leading brands) cutting down on the number of bags you use. Plus it's cute and comes in a variety of nursery-matching colors (watch out Ubbi!). In our testing, the Bubula's unique design was stink-free, easy to use and looked great in baby's room. BUY: Amazon

Bubula copy

Help this dirty job look good with a cute Ubbi diaper pail! We're giving away one Ubbi diaper pail in the color of your choice. Click here to see why it's one of our favorites.

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