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Organizing photos can quickly spiral out of control. I'm mostly digital at this point--except when it comes to creating heirlooms for my girls. For that, I'm old school. I want them to touch, feel an interact with these mementos of their childhood.

MomAgenda is making me look like one of "those" know the ones who already have their Christmas shopping done in April and have the name labels sewn into all of their children's clothing. They sent me the School Years album and memory book ($32).

I dug through boxes and drawers and caught up on the past few years of school photos. Now I've got this convenient portfolio to capture a school-lifetime of treasures. Load it up with photos, report cards and more from pre-K to 12th grade. Then when my girls are grown, I can gift them with this treasure. For now, it's a little Mother's Day gift to me. The gift of organization and being able to enjoy the progress of their school years.


While I might not fill in all the prompts that momAgenda provided. I will use it to faithfully paste in a photo from each school year. Pick from Aqua, Sage, or Rose. Orders ship on or around 6.6--but order now. Don't let another year slip by!

Digital albums are terrific and we love the way they cut down on clutter, but nothing can compare with curling up with your child and watching them grow-up before your eyes.


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