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Is Your Family Prepared? Emergency Readiness with Boltwell

You don't even want to think about it - an earthquake, tornado, hurricane or other disaster that suddenly cuts you off from those aspects of daily life you and your family depend on - clean water, food, shelter, medical supplies. But worse than thinking about such an event occurring is not preparing your family for the chance that it may happen.

Getting your family prepared for a disaster can seem overwhelming, but Boltwell is helping to make it easier. Instead of running all over town and taking weeks (years!) to pick up all the key tools and supplies piece by piece, Boltwell sells emergency preparedness kits that makes the process simple, easy and affordable for families. Sure you could do this next month (like you've been saying for a while...), but September is Emergency Preparedness Month and the perfect time to finally get this crossed off your list.

Emergency Preparedness with Boltwell
Boltwell box

(Need more motivation? Boltwell has a handy, updated tally on their website of the tornadoes, floods and earthquakes that have been recorded for that day. Yikes. Just the kick-in-the-pants you need to get a jump on your emergency kit.)

Boltwell Barometer

You can start with the B*10 Must-Haves Kit, Boltwell's simplest and most affordable kit of essential must-have preparedness items. This one kit contains ten favorites, chosen due to their versatility in multiple emergencies. It includes essential supplies for hydration (water purification tablets, Nalgene® water bottle, water particle filter), tools (multi-tool, waterproof matches), health (Boltwell First Aid Manual, micro first aid pouch), communication (weather radio, whistle) and hygiene (disposable toilet bags).

Boltwell Supplies

Or you may want to consider picking up two B*72 boxes which have each have just about everything two people need to get through a 72-hour emergency, including medical supplies, water purification solutions, energy bars, tools, makeshift shelter, and personal care products.

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Boltwell 72 hr

Boltwell also sells add-on kits based on your most common local emergency (floods, earthquakes, etc.) or special considerations (pets, grab & go, etc.) with specialized products and supplies to meet your needs.

Boltwell Add Ons
Other Add ons

You know this has been on your to-do list. Let Boltwell help you cross getting your family prepared off your to-do list this month with one of their pre-packaged emergency preparedness kits.

Visit to buy kits, add-ons and check out their helpful blog posts on emergency preparedness 101, tips for kids at schools, and those at colleges.

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