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Radiation comes from everyday devices, like cellphones and laptops. This could pose potential health risks for pregnant women. Some concerned moms aren't taking any chances and they are using Belly Armor.

When Belly Armor CEO Aileen Chen was pregnant with her first child, she was surrounded by electronics. The ex-banker wanted a safe, portable, effective way to combat everyday radiation. So, she developed Belly Armor--clothing and blankets that shield your fetus from radiation. The protective garments are available as a tee($59), blanket ($69) or "belly band"($59)

Belly Armor products are lined with a silver textile that's 82% silver. When I was at the Biggest Baby Shower in NYC, I got a chance to check out the line. They are attractive and are obviously targeting the affluent. And I'm guessing moms of means are using laptops, cellphones and other electronic devices more than the average pregnant woman. I am told that each item in the product line shields 99% of incoming radiation. How can you test it? Wrap your cell phone in one of the blankets or tees. Belly Armour says after 30 seconds you'll lose a signal.

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If you are a mom who believes in precaution, this might be something to consider--especially if you are apt to prop a laptop on your pregnant belly. Find out more at

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