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3 Ways to Up Your Diaper Changing Game

Ah, diaper changing. When I was a brand new parent, I had NO idea how much of my life would be taken up with this task! While my three boys are luckily all out of diapers now, it does mean that I miss out on using these fun new upgrades to the diaper changing world. But if you are still wiping and wrapping adorable baby bums, you'll want to check out these additions.


Here are three ways to improve your diaper changing station.

A High-Tech Changing Pad

Hatch Smart Diaper Changing Pad

Does your changing pad just hold your baby? If you control your house temp with your smart phone and already own a baby monitor that you can view remotely when you're away on a business trip, you'll want this high-tech changing pad from Hatch. The Smart Changing Pad has a built-in computer that lets you measure, weight, track, and share data with all the important people in your baby's life. The built-in scale will help you keep track of your baby's weight gain and let you compare her growth percentile to worldwide norms. The touchscreen lets you easily keep track of diaper changes, feedings and sleep while you're right there, changing baby! Plus, all the data is saved to an app so when you go in for those newborn appointments you don't have to rely on your sleep-deprived mommy brain to remember how many poops your little angel is having a day. BUY: Amazon

Mess-Free Diaper Cream

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Baby Bum Brush

Diaper rash is no fun for little ones, but neither is trying to get that diaper cream off your hands! Seriously - that stuff has some serious sticking power. Luckily you can keep your fingers clean and clear of the stuff with the BabyBum Brush. More like a paddle than a brush, you squeeze your favorite diaper cream onto the applicator and then apply your baby's bum. The applicator is made of soft silicone so it's both gentle and flexible to help you get the cream everywhere it needs to go. Then simply clean the paddle with a baby wipe and stick it onto your changing table with the suction cup end. BUY: Amazon

A Diaper Pail You Will Fall in Love With

Bubula Diaper Pail

Yes, it may be filled with stinky diapers, but I promise you, you will LOVE this diaper pail. Not only does the Bubula Diaper Pail comes in an array of cute, nursery-coordinating colors, but it really does keep odors in thanks to a stainless steel frame and a two-part lid design that keeps the stink from down below from seeping up when you put in a new diaper. Plus the Bubula doesn't require special bags or liners and it's large size means fewer trips to the trash for you. BUY: Amazon

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