Game On! Get Thinking While Playing


Family game nights was a staple in my house and even now when I visit my parents, there's at least one instance where we all sit down and play something. Not only does it bring everyone together, but it takes us off our phones and tablets, and gets us connecting with each other again. Like JLaw said to that reporter, "You gotta live in the now, man."

Sometimes it's great to zone out and relax in front of a video game, but then there are those times when you want to feel like you are exercising your big brains while still having fun.

One of my go-to games as a kid was always SET. We brought this out at picnics, gifted it at birthdays, and was a standard road-trip game. Now it's back in dice form, and there's even a version for the smaller kids. The thing I love most about the Set Cubed is that there are multiple ways to play. You can play it classic style, or in their competitive crossword format.


I never played Quiddler until I was in college, and now I bring it when I head out with friends. It's easy to keep it innocent at home, but get a group of Ivy League-ers together during happy hour and you've got yourself a raucous time. Because you can play Quiddler pretty much anywhere, this is a game that should definitely be in your arsenal.Quiddler Jr. gets kids learning how to spell AND count. The game comes with point tokens that allow each player to count out their score. This keeps the game challenging and teaches them how to be responsible for their own points. 


Find ways to engage your family with games like these. And if the game isn't exciting enough, make some Quiddler Cookies! (This recipe, plus hand rolled pieces of dough for the letters, cut into rectangles).

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