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A New Twist on Game Night: Hasbro Classic Games

Growing up in my house, Game Night was pretty much every night. But without fail, every Friday evening, my parents would deck out our living room with a theme. From specific games like Monopoly or Scrabble to throwing a Pirate-themed adventure while we played Battleship. (Fun fact: My brother and I were masters at Hungry Hungry Hippos.)

Here are some tips to get them (and you!) excited to turn off Netflix and spend quality time playing classic games:

  1. Put distractions away and get ready to play! Keep phones on silent or in another room to help focus on face-to-face game time.
  2. Keep the food and drinks simple for easy cleanup, or organize a delicious holiday potluck.
  3. Jazz up the night and have a music playlist ready to go to get everyone in a festive mood.
  4. Give everyone a chance to score by including a variety of Hasbro games in the mix like Monopoly, Jenga, and Twister.
  5. Shake things up by taking games from the table to the TV with the latest Chromecast games from Hasbro!
  6. Most importantly, have fun and GET YOUR FAMILY GAME ON!

Even more fun ways to stay in the game:

Take the party to the big screens. Download the Monopoly Here & Now: Big Screen Edition, Catch Phrase Blitz: Big Screen Edition, and Yahtzee Blitz: Big Screen Edition apps for an instant, action-packed game night any day of the year. Stream the games to your TV using Chromecast and make your tablet or smartphone the controller.


Make a game within the game. Grab a collapsible hamper and put all your child's stuffed animals inside to make a "prison". Hang in a place where everyone can see, but only the adults can get to and hold them at ransom. Whenever your child "scores" or makes a great move, an animal is released.


Offer up prizes and "bidding". Pick up some inexpensive prizes (or raid your holiday stocking stuffer stash) and let your child compete for them. If they score a 15 point word in Scrabble, they can pick a worthy prize. Then they can choose to keep it or trade it in if they score a word worth more. For the littler ones, prizes can be won for Good Sportsmanship, Sharing, Cleaning Up, etc.


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Even more fun ways to stay in the game:

Make a custom spinner. For example, grab the spinner from Candy Land and attach everyone's name to it. Take turns spinning to decide who chooses the next game, what the snacks are, or who decides teams. Let your imagination fly!


Decorate the Jenga pieces. They are solid wood so you can pretty much add any medium to it. Refrain from gluing anything on, but flat stickers, markers, crayons, and even water colors can make this classic a custom piece.


Cause "trouble" with the Pop-O-Matic Trouble game. Assign numbers 1-6 to each family member (some might have two). Pick someone (or spin your new spinner!) to be in charge for the night and designate rules to each number. For example, every time the number 1 is popped, the assigned player might have to act like a monkey or whistle a favorite tune. It keeps everyone engaged and on their toes!


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