Friday Food: Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Luncheon

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Can you feed your family high fiber, low fat, nutritious food that they will eat? I can tell you this: Uncle Ben's is trying to make it a lot easier. Yesterday I went to a luncheon as the storied brand rolled out their new "secret weapon" in the battle to get America to eat better a whole grain rice that looks and tastes like white rice.

Here's the problem only ¼ of US households have it in their kitchens. The Mars Food Co. (owners of Uncle Ben's the #1 rice brand) want to get these numbers way up. The problems they identified toward getting us to eat more whole grains: taste, cost, prep time (typically it takes me 30-40 minutes to make brown rice).

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So these marketing gurus set out to make a rice that will appeal to moms that are thrifty fashionable, influential, and health conscious. Sound familiar?

They achieved a tasty, fast-cooking rice by a magical milling process removes where they remove 50% of the hull. This allows the water to seep into the rice and make it softer. Then the do a bit of wizardry to combine the removed hull with bran and vitamins and then re-attach it to the grain. I know, I know it sounds complicated, but it tastes delicious.

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Missy Chase Lapine (aka the Sneaky Chef) has a motto "I'??m all about peace at the table." So she whipped up five dishes with the new rice: Pizza Rice Balls, Sheppards Pie and two kinds of rice pudding. I promise to link up the recipes soon. But suffice to say everything was tasty and we had a blast in the test kitchen (that's my pal Amy from Selfish Mom). The flavored rices were nice, but for the Momtrends crowd, I say give the whole grain fast-cook rice a whirl. It gets my seal of approval.

What were you up to in the kitchen this week?

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