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This week'??s food feature is about ProBar Fruitionsnacks. Right now I'??m wrapping up my vacation. If all went as you are reading this I am enjoying some mountain snacks while skiing. Sure I might whip up some turkey chili after a day on the slopes, but for the most part I'm not working so I'm relying on some packaged foods. I used to be a Luna Bar kidna of girl. No longer.

Nope this isn'??t a paid advertorial. All I got was a handful of free snacks at the '??Let'??s Eat'? food event in NYC a few weeks ago. I packed a few in my bag and forgot all about them, after Mr. Momtrends and I finished our swim workout last week I handed him a strawberry and I dove into the blueberry one. We devoured them and agreed they were mighty tasty. In fact, we were hesistant to look at the label for fear it would have ruined the experience. Who wants to see a ton of calories, fat and preservatives after a hour-long workout!

Normally my fall-back snack is a Luna bar. Though they are tasty, the bars didn'??t resemble real food. The ProBar has an ingredients list that doesn'??t require a dictionary. Here's what you get in Fruition (12 bars for about $28):

  1. Two servings of fruit in every bar
  2. 160 calories per bar 
  3. 4 grams of fiber, 2 grams of fat 
  4. Certified organic ingredients

I imagine if I were going to whip up my own granola/fruit bars this is what they would look like, but I'??m delighted ProBar has done the work for me. Yes, they are expensive and I would suggest that moms make their own healthy snacks if they can. But for travel or for an emergency purse snack these are far superior to anything I have tasted.

Have you tried a brand that knocked your socks off recently? What'??s you go-to healthy snack?

Momtrends was not paid for this post. When I find good food, I share it. If you want to buy Probar, use the affiliate link and we'll get a small percentage of the sale, and if Probar is savvy, they'll become a paid sponsor very soon.

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