Friday Food: Mommy Cocktails and Nicole Sullivan

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Momtrends thinks diets stink. Deprivation and wacky meal plans lead to cranky moms and bad parenting decisions. Celebrity mom Nicole Sullivan went about losing the mommy weight (35 pounds, six weeks after baby #2) the right way--exercising and learning to control her portions. I learned about her weight loss journey at a Jenny Craig event in NYC.

Jenny Craig's PR team gathered a media group together to heat Nicole deliver her hysterical stand up routine about parenting and diets. Nicole had the moms in the group in stitches as she talked about LA fads and sneaking into the Taco Bell drive thru (she favored the something called the "gordita crunch") during her pregnancy. After her second child, Nicole desperately wanted to change her habits and stop hovering at 150 lbs. Thanks to Jenny's team, Nicole curbed her crazy eating tendencies and learned to cook sensible meals and lost 35 lbs. With trainer, Christopher Lane, she took off those last few pounds and transformed into a bikini-wearing hot mama.

Now Nicole is ready to rock motherhood and her new twitter-based sitcom Sh** My Dad Says. I bet it will be a hoot with co-star William Shatner. Great story to be sure, and made better by the consumption of great cocktails like the 121 calorie Ravishing Raspberry Bellini they served at the party.

4 oz champagne
1/2 oz. berry liquer
1 tbl. raspberry puree*

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*for Puree
1/2 cup raspberries
1 tbl lemon juice
3 tbls. water

Puree: place ingredients in blender and mix until smooth.
Pour 1 tbl. raspberry puree into champagne flute, add champagne and berry liquer.

Momtrends was not paid for this post and thinks the best route to losing weight is combining a sensible diet and exercise.

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