Ella's Organics Review

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Picking the right snacks is a huge part of being a responsible parent. That's why I did this Ella's Organics Review. It's easy to pick up sweet treats that you know the kids will like, getting them to nosh on healthy fare is tougher. I was happy to test Ella's Kitchen Organics to see if they are a solution to my problems.

I buy loads of fruit each week and dutifully clean it, pack it in lunches and carry in my mommy bag all day. I'm constantly bummed at the amount of waste this produces: Half eaten bananas mashed in my bag, grapes that tumble out of the containers on the walk home, half-eaten apple slices that I unpack from my preschooler's lunch bag. Ugh.

I for one am delighted in the trend of processed fruit in squeezable tubes. Ella's  containers can be opened by a two year old (yah!) leaving mom's hands free to steer the stroller or a teacher to help with more important things than setting up a child's lunch. And from my experience there is never anything leftover from this snack.

Why I Like It

If you are feeding a baby, this is a perfect solution ot an on-the-go meal. Unlike other brands, Ella's is not simply focusing on fruit. They also make delicious (yes, I tried them) vegetable concoctions. Such as carrots, apples and parsnips and sweet potato, pumpkin, apples and blueberries. You won't need a spoon and a jar of food, just squeeze in a little at a time. Older kids will suck down the entire container in a few minutes. Don't be fooled. This isn't purely baby food. In fact, Ella's pouches can be used to make salad dressings cakes and more.

In fact, my advice to Ella's would be to take off the Baby Food label or to change it. These make amazing snacks for busy families. I will be doing more snacking soon.

Ella's Kitchen did not pay for this post. Samples were sent for testing purposes.

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