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Organizing a Successful Spring Yard Sale

tips for a great garage sale

“What is one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” --Unknown

Spring is the perfect time of year to clean your living space. It’s a great time to organize some of the areas within your home that contain items that are no longer serving any real purpose other than taking up space.Hosting a yard sale is also an excellent way to de-clutter your home--the sale will leave your home with room to breathe and loads of cash in your pocket. And it's a great way to prepare for a move (we've got moving tips here)

We used lots of online resources like, Hometalk, to put together this list. The first trick in organizing a successful yard sale is deciding which rooms in your home you plan to tackle for this project. For example, you may want to focus solely on the kitchen and clear out the cabinets and drawers. Or perhaps there are some bedrooms that need your attention and closets are top priority. Or maybe it’s the garage or basement that needs organization. Whatever areas of your home are on your to-do list, here are some helpful tips to help you kick off a successful yard sale:

1. Tag your sale items for success. Whether you are selling jewelry, some classic clothing pieces or those coveted vintage Pyrex dishes you no longer wish to keep, create tags that will not only make shoppers look at each item more closely but may even be enticing enough to conjure up an offer. Deciding the price point for each item is also part of this process, so correctly choosing a price that matches the value of each piece is a must.Better Homes and Garden offers some amazing pointers in tagging sale items for success.


2. Get your kids involved. Instead of having your kids by your side the entire time, give them a task to work on themselves which will help to keep them occupied as you prepare for the yard sale. We love this idea from Embellishwhich provides free printables for kids to use. They can be busy creating some fun treats for potential shoppers and they’ll also have tons of fun selling them at the actual yard sale, too!

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3. Promote your yard sale. No yard sale will ever be successful unless it is promoted. Be sure to plan ahead and start chatting with neighbors and friends about the time and date of the yard sale. Post various signs within the neighborhood to help get the word out. There are some fantastic free printables available from Belly Feathers which we happen to think is very yard sale chic worthy.

4. Promote with pictures: Upload great pictures of your items on Craig's List so people can see what you are selling in advance. It'll get the interest of buyers and generate buzz.

5. Make signs: Great signs will easily lead people who read your ads to your sale, and attract people driving by. Make sure the letters are neat and BIG. Kids can help with this project!

6. Organize to make shopping easier: Group like items together. This will really help your sale! Try to have a table just for books, one for home décor, etc. Toys also work great placed on a tarp on the ground.

7. Tag it: Put price tags on everything. It’s extra work but people really don’t want to ask how much something costs every few minutes. Remember to price things to move.

8. Display things. Hang clothing on wardrobes so shoppers can easily look through your items. Maybe even offer to throw in the hangers!

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