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NYC moms have full plates, yet they are impeccably groomed and always stylish. Momtrends has found a solution to one beauty dilemma--hair removal. Now you can check the latest solution to body hair--laser hair removal--at one of Completely Bare's six salons.

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Here's what to expect: On the first session there are forms and a brief discussion on dos and don'ts. The big no-no: Sun. Tanning and laser hair removal don't work. There are also some meds to steer clear of, but all that is spelled out during your consultation.

The treatment laser area is white and clean--like a high-end waxing salon. The professional technician is patient and had answers to all my concerns. In just a few minutes you'll be on your way. No redness. No stubble. Give yourself smooth skin and some time back into your crazy life.

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