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Click it Forward: Supporting the Blog Community

Getting what your worth is a huge trend this year in the world of Mom Blogging. One way to do this is to look for brand partnerships. Another way is to meet your goals is to engage your readers. That's why today we are kicking off the Click It Forward campaign. We're not asking for handouts, we're asking for the community that reads and writes blogs to support each other with a few simple clicks of your computer mouse.

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How it works: If you like a feature, article or post click an ad. Most sites like Momtrends, Momfluential, Theta Mom and Bon Bon Rose girls are supported by advertisers. We do our best to match advertisers and affiliates to match the needs of our readers. While I'm not asking you to run out and buy a new Mercedes if you see a banner ad for the GL-Class on Momtrends, I would ask you to to click any ads that do interest you. To be frank, Every Click Counts. Many blogs such as Momtrends are supported by affiliate programs. We literally get paid for every click by our readers. So by checking out the links on our sites (like that lovely Mercedes ad that popped up today!), you are helping us all become stronger.

Why should you click: Mom blogs rule thanks to the frank opinions and true-life experiences. There's nothing phony or stiff about our community. But to stay free-wheeling, trendy and fresh, we need to assign writers, hire behind the scenes tech gurus who make our sites pretty and pay our DSL bills. If you want to keep getting free, amazing content show some love by clicking.

I got an email today from a surly brand. One of my lovely writers attended a yoga class and did not get comped for the class (as we usually do). The owner of said yoga studio replied:

"We've also learned over the years that if people ask to be comped, it is a sign of an unprofessional journalist or a blogger with very little experience. Reporters from highly respected national publications such as the WSJ and the NYT have not even blinked about paying for their own classes."

Well that's why Mom Blogs are different. I don't have an expense account I can give my glorious writers. I can, and do, pay for posts, but only with the support of readers and advertisers can I continue to flourish.

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When and how: From now until Valentine's Day, participate in the "Click It Forward" Campaign. You can do this three ways:

  1. Click an ad every time you read an feature you love on this or any of your favorite moms blogs.
  2. Tweet this message: "I'm supporting the mom blog community with the #clickitforward campaign"
  3. Add the "Click It Forward" Button to your blog and link up below to show your support.
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It's that easy. So get clicking and we'll keep bringing you the content you crave--absolutely free and absolutely fresh.

Momtrends was not paid for this post.

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