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Channeling My Inner Gwyneth with goop Skincare

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I'm consciously uncoupling with my regular skincare routine...

I've been using the same ole heavy, rich, dubiously composed products for forever now, and I think it's finally time to part ways and make room for some lighter, brighter, better, and safer skincare products.

Enter these beauties...

I'm slightly obsessed with the lifestyle web site/newsletter, goop. Love or hate Gwyneth (for the record, I LOVE!), you can't deny that she knows a thing or two about healthy, natural, organic, sustainable, glamorous, luxurious, gorgeous living (yeah, yeah... I heart her). So I was super excited when I learned, back in March, that Ms. Paltrow launched a new high-end skincare line also aptly named goop.

I've been trying to be a bit more conscious about what's in the products I use on my face. (Did you know the average woman uses 12 personal care and cosmetic products a day, containing 168 different chemicals?!) Fortunately, goop only uses healthy, safe, and effective ingredients.

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No need to decode labels, goop skincare naturally brightens and exfoliates without the use of harmful, harsh chemicals. Instead, the collection features, pure, organic and non-toxic formulas that work as well as (and in some cases, I believe, better than!) conventional products. Here are my faves...

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Revitalizing Day Moisturizer ($100): Gentle and light, this moisturizer leaves my skin soft and supple. I can see it smoothing lines, brightening dark spots, and evening my skin tone. I use it every day (and at nighttime--because I'm a rebel like that).

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Perfecting Eye Cream ($90): I’m very particular about eye cream. It can’t be too heavy or oily; it has to be gentle and light. This eye cream fits the bill—it’s hydrating, soothing, and refreshing… And, after a few weeks of use, I can say that I think it’s actually working!

Exfoliating Instant Facial ($125): A fair warning--this product is STRONG. If you are sensitive, try it on a small patch of skin before using as a full facial mask--and follow the directions. I neglected to do this train, and ended up with a very red, irritated face. That's because, this formula contains alpha and beta hydroxyl acids that will exfoliate your skin. I left it on for way longer than the recommended three minutes, and essentially gave myself a chemical peel. For the record, my sister also used it (and actually followed the directions) and her face is positively glowing!

This is not a sponsored post. We were given samples for review. All opinions are our own.

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