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YouCake helps moms make the cakes of their dreams without tears and drama. My Friend Nancy from Mommies With Style tipped me off about an amazing birthday cake creation for her son. I am a cook, not a baker, the exacting nature of baking is not for me. When I learned YouCake will make personalized creations, I thought, "This is for me!'

Owner Carolyn Sevos Hamilton sent me two batches to test (the first set got ruined by my doorman). She has perfected an icing made up of your photo images. It works on cakes, cupcakes and cookies. You select the dessert then provide the icing (in my case they did the whole shebang). You can use the icing with store bought treats or home made goodies.

This is a terrific way to personalize an upcoming birthday event. Simply send over a favorite photo and you'll have treat that won't be forgotten.

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The topping is 100% edible (quite nice actually--and thick!). A sheet of 12 cupcakes starts at $27 and a 10" round cake is $35. Go to (or call 212.358.7791) for more prices and details. What a clever idea for a baking-challenged mom!

YouCake did not pay for this post. Cupcakes were sent for testing purposes only (yum!)

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