Writeables: Something sweet for lunch


No, I'm not veering off the path of righteous parenting. I'm suggesting a little love note for the kiddies inside their brown bag or spiffy Lands End Deluxe Lunch sack.

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The note doesn't have to be long or elaborate. I simple "I think you are great" will do. As for the stationary or inspiration, I'm fond of writeables.

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Here are some ideas to jazz up that turkey on whole wheat.
1.) Seal the bag with a "Go Transport Sticker" and stash a few more inside the bag for sharing with friends. $4 set of 12.
2.) Got a 'tween going through an awkward phase. Sometimes communicating via written word works. Pick up a pack of Waving Girl Notecards. $14 for 6.
3.) How about a fun Happy Birthday cupcake topper for an extra surprise on you child's big day.

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