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Usher in Fall With a Caramel Apple Mule

Usher In The Fall With This Caramel Apple Mule Recipe

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, the kids have returned to school, and the air has that crisp and cool edge to it, it's time to accept that summer is almost over.

As much as I love the warm weather, I have to admit that I am ready to embrace fall with its colorful leaves, plentiful pumpkin patches, cozy blanket scarves, and warm drinks. I am looking forward to tailgating at football games and entertaining friends around a roaring fire-pit throughout the season.

One of the most exciting things about fall is all of its scents and flavors. I love the smell and taste of toasted marshmallow, apples, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and caramel.

I am always searching for delicious new fall food and drink recipes.

Have you ever enjoyed a traditional moscow mule?

I happen to be a big fan of both the drink and the beautiful copper mugs(!) they are usually served in. There are so many different ways you can spice up a mule, such as this holiday cranberry moscow mule.

I especially love crafting cocktails that you can enjoy sipping while a cool autumn breeze filters through the open windows. These moments are even better when your cocktail has the scent of freshly picked apples and cinnamon, like this delicious caramel apple mule.

Usher In The Fall With This Caramel Apple Mule Recipe


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1.5 oz. of your favorite vodka

.5 oz. of caramel syrup

1 oz. of apple cider

optional: sliced apple to use as garnish and cinnamon.

Usher In The Fall With This Caramel Apple Mule Recipe


Shake all ingredients together with ice. Strain into a mule mug over ice (or you can skip the ice and enjoy your drink warm by adding hot apple cider), top with some ginger beer to taste. Garnish with an apple fan, a cinnamon stick or even a drizzle of caramel on top.

Usher In The Fall With This Caramel Apple Mule Recipe

Cheers to a fabulous fall season!

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