Top Chef Gail Simmons Introduces Momtrends to the Tim Tam

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Gail Simmons and I have been pals long before she started making cooks sweat on Top Chef. In May, she gave me an exclusive interview (click here) so when she told me she was hosting an event for Pepperidge Farms' new cookie line called the Tim Tam, I said I had to know more...

With family in Australia, Gail grew up with Tim Tam cookies (kind of like the Aussie version of a Girl Scout Cookie). They are crunchy little chocolate bombs. I met her at NYC's South Street Seaport to pass out the cookies (the idea is the Tim Tam is coming over by boat so we met at a port...get it?) and catch up. She's in between taping Top Chef episodes--she'll jump into the final round in a month or so. For now she's happy to be back in NYC and delighted to introduce the US to a treat from her youth.

She looks fabulous--I think she only delves into the Tim Tams sparingly! And I can tell you, though she may be tough on the contestants (do I see a Tim Tam challenge in the future?) she's a doll in person.

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