Three Refreshing Cocktails


I know you Momtrends readers love a good cocktail as much as we do, so I decided to gather together some of our favorite cocktail recipes from years past. There is nothing quite as refreshing as sipping an an ice cold adult beverage on a hot summer day. Am I right? I can just picture the hubs and I settling in on our porch for an early summer evening cocktail hour...Sigh! I can't be the only one that sounds heavenly to!


In case you missed our Skinnygirl® Margarita post back in April...You must check it out. It doesn't get much easier than this cocktail. It's literally ready to serve, but you can certainly jazz it up with a few extra ingredients like we did! Who doesn't love a festive margarita? This girl sure does! It's a party any time a margarita is in the picture!


Have you ever used POM juice as a mixer? The La Vida Coco cocktail that we shared last year is a delicious concoction made with POM Coconut juice, rum and a few other easy to find ingredients. This one had me at coconut! If I'm going the cocktail route, I tend to favor anything that has coconut in it. Who's with me? I'm all about a tropical vibe. Just sayin'. On a side note, you'll also find a nice, light sparkling drink in that post as well!


And if you're looking for something a little harder...Why not try some bourbon? The Shopping Mama's Bourbon Slush cocktail sounds SO good. I mean, it's almost like a dessert. I know I enjoy a nice frozen dessert in the summertime and a frozen cocktail is even better! Plus, I love that it's an old family recipe. That's how you know it's good...When it's been passed down through generation after generation!

So, what's your favorite refreshing cocktails lovelies?

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